Changes In The Marketing Department In 2019

Changes in the Marketing Department in 2019

Early 2016, we wrote an article about 'Changes in the Marketing department', which we see happening daily at our (potential) clients. It's time to update that article, because even more things are happening in today's Marketing Departments. Customer Experience (CX)…

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Rewards Points Day: 10/10

Rewards Points day: 10/10

It just came to our attention that a growing group of companies in the US starts to 'celebrate' Rewards Points Day. South-West Airlines being one of them, this group of companies wants to increase consumers (well... members) that they have…

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Almost Ready To Step In The New Office

Almost ready to step in the new office

In April, we moved to a new building, but now we are happy to move into an office custom created for us; just one floor down above the main entrance. The last bits are almost completed: all we need to…

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VEMT Amsterdam Office Will Move

VEMT Amsterdam Office will move

VEMT is growing, and so is our need for office space. Therefore, we are happily looking forward to our new office space in Amsterdam in the area of Buitenveldert, just a few blocks away from the high rise buildings of…

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9 Great Holiday Season Loyalty Strategies

9 Great Holiday Season Loyalty Strategies

It’s holiday season again and you can profit from that. As a retailer or as a brand. The holiday season is a great opportunity to grow and expand your loyalty program and to profit from the investments that you have…

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Dev-talk: Sources For Event Sourcing And CQRS

Dev-talk: Sources for Event Sourcing and CQRS

Our developer team works with a design pattern called Event Sourcing. It's cool stuff. As we have experienced, it's not that hard to understand.... at least not once you know, and that's only in hindsight. To make a start in…

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Simply Unique: How Special Will Your Loyalty Program Be?

Simply unique: how special will your loyalty program be?

"We want something unique! We like new features. We need to differentiate." Clients ask us to support them to be successful in influencing customer behavior. Of course, programs that successfully influence behavior and that represent a specific 'unique' brand, product…

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VEMT Launches GDPR Module

VEMT launches GDPR Module

In collaboration with our fantastic UK partner 'The Marketing Innovation Group', we have launched a GDPR Module for the VEMT Loyalty Marketing Cloud to address (potential) challenges that many of your clients have in dealing with this new European legislation.…

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Boost Your Clang E-mail Marketing Results – With VEMT’s – Clang Loyalty Pack

Boost your Clang e-mail marketing results - with VEMT's - Clang loyalty pack

Working with Clang means you choose to work with one of the market leading e-mail marketing platforms of these days. So you are serious about your digital marketing. Are you ready to consider making the next step and adding VEMT…

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MS Mode Launches Next Version Of Customer Loyalty Program

MS Mode launches next version of Customer Loyalty Program

MS Mode is famous for continuously improving on their Customer Loyalty Program. After version 1 was replaced with a much more extensive version 2 in early 2016, already now, making use of technology improvements, better insights and a new organizational…

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Can We Listen To Your Thoughts In A Few Years?

Can we listen to your thoughts in a few years?

By Jeroen Nas In the last weeks, big names made interesting statements: Elon Musk announced a company called 'Neuralink'. It is supposed to free us from the limited capacity interface our brains have with the outside world. Now human output…

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What Are The Best Loyalty Metrics To Use?

What are the best Loyalty Metrics to use?

Although it is clear that companies don't start loyalty programs without pursuing a goal, there are surprising little companies that express those goals in measurable KPI's or loyalty metrics, and that monitor those consistently. At first sight, that is remarkable:…

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Does Good Beer Create Better Loyalty?

Does good beer create better loyalty?

The craft of making good beer requires dedication, knowledge, skills, precision and hygiene. No wonder that the VEMT development team felt like that was a good task for them, so we teamed up with the wonderful people of The TeamBrouwerij…

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Happy 2017!

Happy 2017!

VEMT wishes all our clients, our partners, our potential clients, everybody in our team and their families & friends, our competitors and our fans a very, very happy 2017 in good health and prosperity. Thanks to the traditional Dutch oliebollen…

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The Lisbon Web Summit Has Started!

The Lisbon Web Summit has started!

VEMT is present at the Lisbon WebSummit and will integrate the inspiration, stories, lessons and more into our products. Later more on the experiences of the VEMT team in Lisbon. If you want to meet us, let us know through…

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Meeting Up With Behavioral Economist Uri Gneezy In Amsterdam

Meeting up with behavioral economist Uri Gneezy in Amsterdam

He is mentioned as one of the most influential economists of this time: Uri Gneezy. Today he was in Amsterdam and Arjan Haring from The Control Group had seduced him to share his knowledge with a curious audience of behavioral…

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VEMT Nr. 1 In ‘Best Customer Loyalty Software’ On CrowdReviews

VEMT nr. 1 in 'Best Customer Loyalty Software' on CrowdReviews

Great news! CrowdReviews, the 'unbiased, community driven and transparent' buyers guide has rated VEMT nr 1 in the category of Customer Loyalty Software. This category includes an extensive 129 international products, all delivering support for customer loyalty programs. Of course,…

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What Is Missing In The New Gartner Buy/Own/Advocate Customer Experience Journey?

What is missing in the new Gartner Buy/Own/Advocate Customer Experience Journey?

This month, Gartner published a new Customer Journey Model which they baptized - very practically - the "Buy/Own/Advocate Customer Experience Journey". As soon as you see the graphic representation of this journey, the reason for its name becomes clear: it has…

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Doing Experiments With Sinan Aral

Doing experiments with Sinan Aral

For some, "doing experiments" sounds abstract (or even a bit weird), but when you're in Marketing (or any other behavioral science for that matter), you should know that doing experiments should be the basis for many of your decisions. Testing…

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Loyalty Program Has Immediate Impact On Share Prices: Dunkin’ Donuts Case

Loyalty Program has immediate impact on share prices: Dunkin' Donuts Case

Dunkin' Brands, which is Dunkin' Donuts mother company, experienced a nearly 2 percent share price increase August 22 after it revealed that its DD Perks loyalty program has reached the milestone of 5 million members. All these clients have signed up for DD…

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Marketing Now Fully Embraces Technology

Marketing now fully embraces technology

One of the blogs we like to read most is Scott Brinkers's Chief Marketing Technology or Chief Martec. It's a neverending source of inspiring analysis about what's going on in Marketing Technology and Marketing itself. Today, we got inspired by something…

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Great Bilbao Working Location

Great Bilbao working location

Finding an flexible office space with high speed internet (without interruptions) can be challenging thing in Spain. That's why we're happy that VEMT could work with BilbaoLab coworking office spaces for your temporary office in the north of Spain. Great staff,…

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Are you our next Business Development Executive?

We're expanding our team again and we're looking for a Business Development Executive? Are you the one? Please check it out and let us know.  

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Leonieke Daalder Writes Nice Article About Interview

Leonieke Daalder writes nice article about interview

Leonieke Daalder (@daalder) - a Dutch Journalist and political scientist - has written a very nice report about the recent Top Names interview with Jeroen Nas. She emphasizes the fact that VEMT actively trains and encourages involvement from all employees,…

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Connect The Dots: Innovation Meeting In Amsterdam

Connect the dots: Innovation meeting in Amsterdam

Tonight June 9th, Jeroen Nas will be presenting an insider view on innovation at the Pezy Group in Amsterdam: "Connect the dots". It is a meeting with several speakers, a panel discussion and partcipants from the audience about how innovation…

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Top Names Interview with Jeroen Nas (CEO VEMT)

Last night, broadcasted live from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the interview with Jeroen Nas was a talk around Persuasion Marketing, Loyalty Marketing, technology, retail and some backgrounds on how VEMT arrived to where we are today. The Dutch journalists Erwin Blom…

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Behavioral Science Progress: Divide Or Integrate?

Behavioral science progress: divide or integrate?

This is a response to an article by Arjan Haring in Medium (Experimentation is hard — really fucking hard) in which Arjan explains that Experimentation, rather than using many behavioral science theories, is his way forward. The reasons are that too many people…

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Tomorrow Streaming Live: Interview In Top Names With Jeroen Nas

Tomorrow streaming live: Interview in Top Names with Jeroen Nas

Tomorrow night at 21:00 CET, the Dutch Interview Show "Top Names", part of the digital platform "Fast Moving Targets" will be featuring VEMT CEO Jeroen Nas. Journalists Erwin Blom and Roeland Stekelenburg (Stekel) will talk freely about media, technology, trends…

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VEMT Launches One Of The Largest Fashion Loyalty Programs In Europe

VEMT Launches one of the Largest Fashion Loyalty Programs in Europe

Wow. Millions of members of the MS Mode Member Club, spread over 6 European Countries, buying at over 425 stores and in a great webshop for every country: they have a new member club as from this morning 6 AM. Will…

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Smart Hacks: Create Content For Loyalty Marketing

Smart Hacks: Create Content for Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty Marketing is about rewarding behavior to influence behavior. Contrary to what most people – and that includes marketers – think, rewards do not (should not) only be points or discounts. Rewards often can be status (and most often is…

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State Of Marketing 2016

State of Marketing 2016

An impressive report (71 pages) was issued by SalesForce this week about the 'State of Marketing'. It's well worth a read, but for those of you who don't have that time, we'd like to summarize the most important findings. It…

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VEMT In Top 100 Red Herring Europe

VEMT in top 100 Red Herring Europe

We already knew we are hot, but now it starts to be recognized by a growing amount of experts. This week, we were informed that VEMT is included in the Top 100 Red Herring Europe, a list of best start up…

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By Reversing Their Loyalty Program, Starbucks Is Creating New Segments

By reversing their loyalty program, Starbucks is creating new segments

At which customers is your loyalty program focused at? The loyal ones? Hmm, think again. There’s more to it than that. Even though you should put big efforts in keeping those loyal customers and use their advocacy power to generate…

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The 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape Has Arrived (and VEMT Is Included)

The 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape has arrived (and VEMT is included)

It took longer than expected this year: the publication of the new Marketing Technology Landscape. When you look at the complete picture (find it here in PDF), you understand why that is so: the Marketing Technology Landscape has grown immensely and…

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Predictable Disruption: Marketing Departments Will Change Completely

Predictable disruption: Marketing Departments will change completely

Last week, just like Altimeter did, Accenture published their report about new technology trends for 2016. As always, it's well worth a read for any marketer, even if it would be just to check if last years plans don't require…

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Juice Brothers Bringing ‘juice’ To The Amsterdam Office

Juice Brothers bringing 'juice' to the Amsterdam Office

Today, the Dutch energy company that supplies our office decided to do some maintenance in the street where our office is located. Great work, other than that we had to be disconnected from the grid for several hours. As a…

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Shopping Insights; A New Tool For Retailers

Shopping Insights; a new tool for Retailers

By Jeroen Nas; January 2016. Only in Beta, and only with US data at the moment, Google recently announced a potentially important tool for Retailers. It’s called ‘Shopping Insights’ (what else?) and it could well be an important step for retailers in 2016…

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Overview 2015 And Outlook 2016

Overview 2015 and outlook 2016

2015 has been a great year for VEMT. We have been growing in turnover, team size and customer base. Now, we have members in our database spread over 10 countries and Terabytes of data about their buying behavior, preferences and…

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Another International Team Expansion At VEMT

Another international team expansion at VEMT

VEMT is happy to announce that we have expanded our team again. This time we welcome Daniela from Bulgaria and Jevgenijs from Latvia. Both will be working from the VEMT Amsterdam HQ where they will add their team spirit, knowledge and…

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Wearable Technology: Fitbit For Cows

Wearable technology: fitbit for cows

Friday afternoon news: We're not sure yet how this wearable technology invention would be usable for marketers ;-), as we described in this article, but this new and exciting product definitely is a sign that wearable technology is taking off in…

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Marketers Using Wearable Technology: Getting Close To The Heart

Marketers using Wearable Technology: Getting close to the heart

  by Jeroen Nas, December 2015 Wearable technology is growing fast and provides great opportunities for Persuasion Marketing. How close can you get to your customers? And do your customers like that? And who might be in between?   What…

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The Language Of Empathy

The Language of Empathy

VEMT has a very international team with employees coming from 4 different continents. Working from our HQ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, there's a constant dilemma of learning the Dutch language to them. On one hand, it's great to learn something new and…

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VEMT Launches Mobile Omni-channel Loyalty App That Empowers Consumers

VEMT launches mobile omni-channel loyalty app that empowers consumers

VEMT, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has launched an omni-channel mobile loyalty app that interacts with all events during the customer journey and provides program members a complete interaction tool with timeline and customer support features. In the coming months,…

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Research: How Can Marketing Build Loyalty And Advocacy?

Research: How can Marketing build loyalty and advocacy?

The Economist asked Western European CMO's: How can Marketing build loyalty and advocacy?   The answer is not truly surprising, but still something that not all CMO's are working on actively at the moment. Or not enough. Maybe that is because…

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VEMT Webinar Series: Persuasion Marketing (Video)

VEMT Webinar Series: Persuasion Marketing (Video)

Together with partner Luminis, VEMT organized a well visited webinar about Persuasion Marketing. The audience - mainly CRM marketers and CMO's from retail and travel organizations, participated in the webinar with questions and discussions.   The webinar has been recorded…

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Can Meerkat/Periscope Be Part Of Your Persuasion Marketing Strategy?

Can Meerkat/Periscope be part of your Persuasion Marketing Strategy?

Update December 2015: Facebook just announced a social video service as well. We expect an acceleration in the Marketing Use of these types of tools in the coming 6 months. ---  Did you already experience social streaming? For those who…

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VEMT Present At The Madrid Virtual Job Fair

VEMT present at the Madrid Virtual Job Fair

VEMT was present in the European Job Fair in Madrid as one of the virtual exhibitors. This was a new experience, exhibiting through virtual communication, having online job interviews and managing new job entries through tools. Next to companies like Accenture,…

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VEMT Presents At Iterate / Cap Gemini Session In B. Amsterdam

VEMT presents at Iterate / Cap Gemini session in B. Amsterdam

Cap Gemini and Iterate organized a great tech-company event in the hip B. Amsterdam building. VEMT was presenting our approach, solutions and a case to a crowd of investors, consultants and marketing directors.

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Owler Gives High Scores To VEMT

Owler gives high scores to VEMT

We just saw this overview popping up in our mails and we could not resist to make a screenshot. VEMT's CEO scores well in the midst of some interesting names. After reading this score, we're very convinced that Owler is a…

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VEMT Present At The Brazilian Business Club

VEMT present at the Brazilian Business Club

Of course, VEMT is active in the networking circuit. Recently, we visited an excellently organized session of The Brazil Business Network and met with the Brazilian consul in the Netherlands and the chair of the Brazilian Business Club. More networking…

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VEMT Selected To Be In Benelux Tech Tour 2015

VEMT selected to be in Benelux Tech Tour 2015

VEMT was selected to be one of the great tech companies participating in the Benelux TechTour 2015. The Benelux Tech Tour took place across 3 days on May 19-21 2015 and showcased 75 world-class, high-tech innovative companies from the Benelux region, offered top international speakers…

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Picture Session At VEMT

Picture session at VEMT

This week, we had a photography session in the VEMT Amsterdam office. Lot's of fun and another step towards a professional VEMT image to the outside world.

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VEMT Is (again) Part Of The Marketing Technology Landscape

VEMT is (again) part of the Marketing Technology Landscape

VEMT is proud that we are -again, and as one of the few European vendors- included in the 2015 Marketing technology Landscape, showing 1876 Marketing Technology companies. Each year, the great Scott Brinker undertakes the massive achievement of putting this…

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VEMT Starts Building Another Pan-European Program

VEMT starts building another Pan-European Program

Today, VEMT started building another Pan-European CRM and Loyalty program for a retail client. The basis for the program is our Persuasion Planner and CRM platform. The program will roll out to six countries, no less, adding our first presence…

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A Tesla Interview About The Power Of VEMT (Video)

A Tesla interview about the power of VEMT (Video)

Well known Dutch gadget and radio reporter Vincent Everts interviewed VEMT CEO Jeroen Nas about the power of VEMT and the results that our Loyalty Marketing Cloud delivers to our clients. The essence about these interviews is that you drive a…

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Best Way To Celebrate Birthdays

Best way to celebrate birthdays

Not only VEMT celebrated its anniversary this year. Our lead developer Anderson did have something to celebrate too! The nice thing about these type of events at VEMT is the presence of snacks from the many countries our team originates…

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One More Language In The Office

One more language in the office

Three new people on board. And the VEMT team is thriving! We welcome Konstantinos from Greece in the development team, Jade as our new Datascientist and Alexander as Consumer Psychologist. With this we add a ton of skills and one…

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More Than A Million In One Program

More than a million in one program

Yes, it's done! We do now have a persuasion program running now with more than a million people in it! We're quite proud on this one and will update more about this later.

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Behavioral Research By VEMT

Behavioral research by VEMT

VEMT started doing research on the behavioral side of loyalty with the Radboud University of Nijmegen. We'll keep you up to date on the results!  

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Sustainability And Persuasion Marketing; An Interesting Combination (Video)

Sustainability and Persuasion Marketing; an interesting combination (Video)

VEMT CEO Jeroen Nas speaks at the event "Towards Restorative Value Chains" in 'De Groene Bocht' in Amsterdam at December 10th, 2013 about opportunities for new ways to tap into consumer markets. In his presentation, Jeroen made the connection between…

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Interview About Mandela’s Death

Interview about Mandela's death

Our South African colleague Justin is being interviewed by Dutch National Television (EenVandaag) today in relationship with Nelson Mandela's death. We're all impressed by this event and what Mr. Mandela has meant to this world.

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Effective Retention

We empower marketers to find, keep and influence customers. We help you motivate changes in their behavior. You'll find customers and motivate them into spending more, returning more often and spreading the word about your brand or store. We build…

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Move beyond online-only programs and engage with your customers across all channels: online, offline and mobile. We combine marketing technology with deep expertise in offline marketing, connect it to your POS, CRM and PIM platforms and get a complete and…

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Coalition Marketing

We facilitate Coalition Marketing programs in which organizations share customer pools by accepting each other’s value at the point of sales. This creates a strong marketing tool and activates your marketing budget. Examples are joint promotion or loyalty programs, local…

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