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Current Homework Workshops O'Neill

In the Skype call, we will discuss how to improve the results from the first workshop, so we can get more out of them.

Can you:

  1. Verify the 2 lists of data extraction points, the target group list and the mentioned cue’s and can you see which items can be added/must be deleted/must be changed?
  2. Mail your suggestions asap to Jeroen and Daniela through: ?
  3. Check the mail we will send before the Skypecall and prepare for the call?

In the call we will discuss the final lists and the relationships between them.

After the call, as input for the next workshop, participants need to determine which results are ‘worth it’, how do we actually get them (from which system/source/partner) and how expensive that might be. We will explain this in more detail in the call.


See the detailed homework descriptions in each section for more context.