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Customer Experience Management & Loyalty Marketing

We created 70+ ready-to-go CX-Flows to unlock value from customer journey touch points, so you don’t need to wait for IT or ‘Implementation Partners’ to shine as marketer. Run Engagement Programs, Member-get-Member, Loyalty Programs, Discount Schemes, VIP Clubs, Advocacy Engines and more. Provide your customers with CX that increase conversion, engagement and revenue. Before the rest does.

Generate Strategic Advantage
  • Faster time to market
  • Respond faster when markets change
  • More impact with less marketers
  • Less learning curves for marketers
Generate Revenue from Persuasion
  • Increase visiting frequency
  • Increase spend/visit
  • Increase advocacy
  • Increase retention
Generate Revenue from Insights
  • Target more precise
  • Personalize better
  • Predict better
  • Classify better
  • Recommend more successful
How to try? How to buy?

Let us demonstrate

Based on your customer journeys, we will demonstrate how you implement CX strategies fast and effective. Connect with us for a demo. Now.

Let us propose 2

Reduce the guesswork

Let us empower your data, channels and actions. We offer a flexible MarTech environment that takes out the guessing and introduces data-driven, automated actions focused at revenue generation, engagement growth and promotion of advocacy.


Let us help you start quickly

Your program will deliver value in many ways: increase spend per visit, increase visitor frequency, lengthen the customer relationship, increase advocacy and engagement. You create, you harvest. We’ll get your staff started with quick and smooth on-boarding. We’ll get your customers on-board too.

Most applied Persuasive Strategies by our Clients

Loyalty Rewards
Customer Journey Perfection
Vouchers / Coupons
Anti-Churn Tactics
On Boarding Automation
Social Media Rewards

Fastest growing Persuasive Strategies this year

Personalized assignments
Location Triggers

Not just any CXM

Not all Customer Experience Management Platforms are created equal. VEMT’s platform is powered by technology and driven by psychology, in the form of Persuaders™: rules that automatically trigger rewards, benefits and privileges when activated by events, including purchases, referrals and social media participation.
Find out why we are trusted by companies worldwide to deliver marketing power to over 16 million consumers.

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