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7 Key Principles in Customer Experience Management Marketing

The priority of Customer Experience Management (CXM) is fast growing and marketers are learning quickly on how to deal with this perspective. To support this learning process, VEMT summarizes our field-practices and formulates 7 key principles that marketers should use to apply, learn about and teach others about Customer Experience Management.

  1. CXM is a culture, not a project
    • It should not have a project leader, nor an owner, but it should be owned by every employee and driven by the CEO.
  2. Data drives decisions on CXM
    • Gut feeling is just not good or fast enough. Automate data driven process that include real-time decision making per individual experience.
  3. Customer Journeys (and not product journeys) provide the insight of where a company, product or service can add value.
    • Only where customers interact, value can be added. You need to understand the journey to manage those experiences effectively.
  4. All behavior is emotional, not rational
    • Experience design should be data driven, but not focused at a rational interpretation of behavior but with acceptance of emotions and biases.
  5. Actions deliver value, insights are ‘just’ the tool
    • Marketers should treat data collection as a means to act, not as a resource to create reports with.
  6. CXM Leaders accelerate continuous action based on marketing experimentation
    • Project based working and waterfall planning are always running after reality: continuous improvement and marketing experimentation (challenge the champion-cycles) are key to become and stay a leader
  7. It’s your people, dummy!
    • It’s not your product, logo, location or pricing anymore. It’s your staff and the way they work together to deliver CXM that will determine the future of your revenue.

Using these Key Principles in every moment, with every decision you make will deliver results as from the first time you apply them.

Let us know what your experiences are!

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