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VEMT selected to be in Benelux Tech Tour 2015

VEMT was selected to be one of the great tech companies participating in the Benelux TechTour 2015. The Benelux Tech Tour took place across 3 days on May 19-21 2015 and showcased 75 world-class, high-tech innovative companies from the Benelux region, offered top international speakers and entrepreneurial success stories.

For Investors, this event brought the opportunity to see 50 emerging companies and 25 of the top selected growth companies from the region present at the event. The selection of companies was across a range of high-tech sectors, among which Marketing Technology, which VEMT represented as the selected Dutch company.

Entrepreneurs who participated had an great opportunity to meet 100+ investors from the Benelux region which are seeking to grow their portfolio. The objectives of this mission are to identify the upcoming and leading top privately held companies from the Benelux Region and to promote investment by bringing international investors together with the region’s next wave of entrepreneurs.

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