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VEMT - The Experience & Loyalty Cloud
The VEMT Experience & Loyalty Cloud

Boost your Clang e-mail marketing results – with VEMT’s – Clang loyalty pack

Working with Clang means you choose to work with one of the market leading e-mail marketing platforms of these days. So you are serious about your digital marketing.
Are you ready to consider making the next step and adding VEMT Loyalty to your Clang e-mail marketing? This combination refreshes your email marketing with addition of a Customer Loyalty program, considerably increases customer retention, shopping frequency and spend and enables the use of coupons, Buy one – Get one Free, Member get Member, behavioural rewards for Social Media activities and much more.

Why? Because Loyalty Program Members have far higher response rates than bulk email:

  • Open Rates 40% higher
  • Click Rates 22% higher
  • Transaction Rates 29% higher

Combining Clang e-mail marketing with the VEMT Loyalty Marketing Cloud is combining best of both worlds and gives you optimal returns on your marketing budget. And it is now easier than ever with the launch of the Clang Loyalty Pack by VEMT Loyalty Marketing.

Let’s do the math together and see how you can double (!) the results of your e-mail lists and database.

Why don’t we make the calculation for your business case together and see how fast you can make this happen? Call us and be surprised 🙂     +31 20- 717 32 42


Next to e-Village’s Clang platform VEMT is also integrating to other e-mail marketing providers such as optivo, Exact Target (SF), eMark, Copernica and webshop providers such as Demandware and Magento.

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