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VEMT - The Experience & Loyalty Cloud
The VEMT Experience & Loyalty Cloud

We’d like to connect with passionate, knowledgeable, and autonomous people who focus at (Marketing) Technology & Customer Experience.

Great Sector

Developments go fast in Marketing Technology. VEMT is at the forefront of innovation in this fast growing sector. Want to be a part of this? Look if a position is available for your skill set and connect with us.

Working remote; yet close by

We’ve learned that working remotely doesn’t mean you’re far away. Since we go for 100% remote, we have increased productivity and team happiness, and how to make everyone feel close.¬† ‘Happy code’ and ‘team fun’ are key to growth in our view.

Advancement Opportunities

A specific VEMT¬†opportunity is that we offer you to develop your own job. If you take initiative and show your ideas; go ahead, do it. At VEMT, we firmly believe in freedom for qualitative hero’s. Oh, and we do have a training budget to pump up that quality.

International Team

Working in an international company would be nothing without having an international team. We speak and write in English, but we curse and joke in Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, Latvian, Spanish, Russian and whatever comes along. If your scope is wider than your desk, you will feel at home at VEMT.

Vacation Time

Dutch employees have the highest amount of vacation days in the world. Yup…. so we join them. But the real happiness is in knowing how to spend them. And in coming back at work to share your adventures.

Team Atmosphere

Need we say more? Why don’t you check us out. Meet focused people wanting to deliver something great that are ready for some fun as well. Talk with us and explore how we could work together.

Tips when applying at VEMT:

We like data. Give us a letter, a CV, referrals, Example Code, a site.
Write in English, so we can have a look at your application with more people.
Show us more than who you are. Tell us what you want.
Be prepared for something else than 2 interviews of an hour.
It’s even better if we can work together for a day or so. Can you?
Remote work is not everyone’s sweet spot. Tell us how your daily routines look like.
Think about how you scale things. Tell us about it.
Dare to be bold. Maybe don’t write us, but make a video, song or poem.
Suggest other people if you think they fit the profile. We’re not afraid to show gratitude if it works out.
Prepare questions. Don’t improvise. You will have time enough for that later.
Be. On. Time.

Available Positions

We currently do not have open positions, but we are always happy to hear from dedicated developers, also remote. Drop us a note for a chat.


(Recruiters: sorry, we don’t work through you. Really. Don’t try.)

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