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Composable Commerce; what should I know and do?

Composable Commerce is a hot topic. It is seen by many as the future of eCommerce. This article describes what it is and what to do next.


TL;DR ; summary

  • With Composable Commerce, digital teams of brands and retailers select and assemble “best-of-breed” commerce solutions with the goal to better handle the fast changing business requirements and technology changes.
  • With Composable Commerce you have the flexibility to rapidly update your tech stack and operations.
  • Composable Commerce is the ‘third choice’ compared with big monolithic platforms or micro-solutions.
  • In composable commerce approach, marketers ‘compose’ their platform by putting together a list of needs they want to be handled by a Packaged Business Capability (PBC). Each PBC is a function of the application. They are typically third-party software components. The granularity of each PBC is determined by business need, cost, complexity and time-to-market.
  • Organizations using Composable Commerce outpace market growth because of the speed of new feature implementation and changing existing features.
  • VEMT perfectly fits in a Composable Commerce approach.
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