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Customer Relations and CX in times of Crisis

Chapter 1: Communication; Bad News

Bad News

This Corona Crisis might unfortunately also be the cause for bad news. You probably can’t avoid having to communicate that as well. Whether it will be about closing stores temporarily or more structurally, laying off staff or cutting down services, all these events can impact your service to clients and the Customer Experience they have with your brand.

Communicating bad news is a different ball game than the above described marketing communication in times of crisis and is not covered by this course. It is important when to know the difference and – if you work in a larger enterprise – work aligned with your colleagues of the PR department to make sure the various departments send out consistent and timed messages.

As marketer, you can follow up on bad news however, offering empathy for those who are impacted, for those that might need help, or offer resources for those that look for more information or solutions. In general: bad news is ‘about the company’ and the follow up should be ‘about the customer’.

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