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Customer Relations and CX in times of Crisis

Chapter 1: Communication; Questions to ask yourself and feedback

Questions to ask yourself and feedback

This mini-Course doesn’t ask for homework, but it does offer some reflection and options for interaction. Here is a list of questions to reflect on that extend the knowledge of this course chapter.

If you’d like to reflect on these questions together with an expert, or if you would like to receive feedback on your answers, connect with VEMT. We’ll support you in times of crisis and in times of growth.

  1. What type of relationship does each of our Customer Segments expect us to establish and maintain with them? Does a crisis situation change this?
  2. Which ones have we established so far? Where are we with the others? Are we ready for this crisis?
  3. What extra value do we get from good customer relationships in times of crisis? Do we own the relationships with our customers, or are they owned by Google, Facebook or others and do we have to pay them to connect with our customers?
  4. How much did we invest in the quality level of these relationships? Can we optimize those costs in times of low budgets?
  5. How are these customer relations integrated with the rest of our business model? How vulnerable are they for crisis situations?
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