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Customer Relations and CX in times of Crisis

Chapter 1: Communication; Tools in place?

Tools in place?

As mentioned throughout this course chapter, what really helps in times of crisis if you have great tools in place.

First, there’s data. If you have a Loyalty Program, an active Customer Data Platform, good social monitoring, periodic member-get-member campaigns (to collect data on relationships between people), a good equipped and trained service desk (with the right tools and integrations) and a great AudienceBuilder, then you’re on track.

The data from these elements will be your blessing and your way to shine as marketer. Can you also get the data in your BI-system and communicate with your management/stake holders with new reports and insights, showing the immediate impact of your improved crisis communication skills? Then you’re not only on track, but you’re making a vital difference for your company. If finally, you can persuade customers to keep on buying, also when they have to do that differently, with more barriers or during more uncertainty than usually, than you have proven to be a worthy crisis resistant marketer!

Second, now you will feel that the flexibility and robustness of your Campaign Management Platform, Customer Experience Management platform, chatbot, webshop, CRM system and Loyalty Platform really matter. Can you personalize communication and materials beyond a first name and gender? Can you quickly add new variables and use them?

This crisis might be too much happening right now to be able to change or update them, but it is an opportunity to stress test them and make notes for later on what you would like to improve. Marketing agility pays off in times of crisis and your tools (and their service organizations) should facilitate that.

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