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Customer Relations and CX in times of Crisis

Free mini-course for Marketers; 15 mins a day

Introduction to Building Customer Relationships in Times of Crisis

Not every brand, chain or product team has a year-round crisis team readily prepared for a global virus pandemic. For marketers in these companies, we created this free, practical mini-course. It’ll cost you 15-20 mins per chapter; which is probably less than the daily commute you are saved from at the moment. We’ll publish a new chapter every few days, so for the coming weeks, you will be covered.

The aim of this course is to create better marketing opportunities in these special times, to help you avoid foot holes and to inspire to build better relationships with your customers that can prove to be vital in times your brand, store or service has to survive amidst companies getting into trouble.

Whether you are working from home, in a bunker or in the office at 3 meters away from your closest colleague, you’ll need to communicate with your customers. During a crisis, communication can make or break your business. It can help or confuse people and it can help or hurt your brand. Ignoring the crisis is affecting your audience and it is impacting your brand, so we’ll walk through the essential elements of marketing communication during a crisis that impacts your customers.

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