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The VEMT Experience & Loyalty Cloud

Franchise Formula Loyalty Programs; it's possible!

Uniform data and multi-tenancy for Franchise Formulas
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Benefits of loyalty programs for franchise formulas

Franchise formulas benefit significantly more from a loyalty program than regular retail chains do. Want to know why that is so?

One database: multiple views

Franchisees expect to manage campaigns using their own customer data without sharing that with other franchisees. At HQ, you expect to get an overall view and generate insights. We deliver that.

Multi-tenancy; you never knew you needed it.

One unified program, but a franchise independent P&L, database access and options for local configuration. We deliver that.

Member-get-Member Referrals

Grow your customer base through your current ones: quick, low-cost and with integration to Facebook.  Use invites, incentives, rewards and giftcards to promote member-get-member growth for your franchisees.

Franchisee Consistency: always a challenge

You will be happy to see included online training and guardrails for consistent use and presentation of the program. We deliver that.

Campaigns: At Franchisee level and HQ level

Campaign Management at all levels with drag-and-drop responsive email design, powerful marketing automation, landing pages, forms, reputation management, automated list hygiene and extensive reporting.

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