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VEMT - The Experience & Loyalty Cloud
The VEMT Experience & Loyalty Cloud

Time-saving Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Increase impact with Marketing Automation and Loyalty
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Save time with Hospitality Marketing Automation

Personalized Hospitality Experiences automatically keep you in touch with your guests.

Hospitality Loyalty: Increase retention and collect data

A complete solution for the management of your Hospitality Loyalty Program. Keep them coming back.

AudienceBuilder: Segment and Target Customers

Create advanced hospitality segments to target, personalize and persuade customers.

Member-get-Member Referrals

Grow your guest base through your current guests: quick, low-cost and with integration to Facebook.  Use invites, incentives, rewards and giftcards to promote member-get-member growth.

Collect & Act: Surveys, Data Collection & Guest Monitoring

(Automatically) ask your guests about their experiences, request reviews and collect data for sentiment analysis. Send out surveys, vote requests, ratings and more. Stay on top of what’s happening. All.the.time.

Campaigns: Reach out to your guests

Campaign Management with drag-and-drop responsive email design, powerful marketing automation, landing pages, forms, reputation management, automated list hygiene and extensive reporting.

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