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VEMT - The Experience & Loyalty Cloud
The VEMT Experience & Loyalty Cloud

Loyalty Programs: the best way to increase Customer Lifetime Value

Rewards, Data Collection and Engagement
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Loyalty is more than giving rewards

Loyalty Programs also allow you to collect 1st party data and increase engagement.

Walk-through a program with us

Don’t just read; walk commitment free through a live program with us in 15 mins.

AudienceBuilder: Segment and Target Customers

Loyalty powers the data collection for our AudienceBuilder. Check it out.

Grow through Member-get-Member Referrals

Grow your member base through referrals: quick and low-cost.  Use invites, incentives, rewards and giftcards to promote member-get-member growth.

Collect & Act: Surveys, Data Collection & Customer Monitoring

Automatically ask members about experiences, request reviews and collect data for sentiment analysis. Send vote requests, surveys, quizzes, ratings and more. Stay on top of what’s happening.

Campaigns: Reach out to your members

Campaigns: drag & drop design, powerful marketing automation, landing pages, forms, reputation management, list hygiene + reporting. Included or connected with your campaign platform.

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