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advertising at audiences from the VEMT AudienceBuilder

More impact from your data: send directly into Meta Business Center

VEMT successfully introduced a new feature: VEMT’s AudienceBuilder lets you query your customer data directly and send your ustomer data directly into leading ad networks. We’re starting with Meta (facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc) and will soon expand to other ad networks. You don’t have to duplicate customer data to make it actionable; we’ll connect you directly with all places where you need that data with one push of a button.

VEMT lets you:

  • Create an audience/segment based on specific buyer behavior (i.e. purchased a product in the last 10 days), on specific customer profile elements (ie gender, postal code, age, member since, etc) and relationships to other customers (referrals, family, etc).
  • Export audiences from your VEMT program directly into your advertising channels
  • Be quick and efficient: one push of a button is all it takes
  • Be safe: data is encoded to avoid your
  • Avoid building and maintaining your own custom connectors

Interested to use this? Connect with us for a demo or discuss your use case.

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