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MS Mode launches next version of Customer Loyalty Program

MS Mode is famous for continuously improving on their Customer Loyalty Program. After version 1 was replaced with a much more extensive version 2 in early 2016, already now, making use of technology improvements, better insights and a new organizational context, version 3 was launched. The MS Mode Management acknowledges the commercial and business value of customer data so, in the new organizational context, this became a key strategic focus. The Loyalty Program proved to be one of the best ways to achieve this strategic goal in terms of speed and costs.

To enable this ambitious plan, a dedicated team – consisting out of both VEMT and MS Mode employees – worked on the setup of automatic campaigns along several customer journeys, both interacting with members and collecting more relevant data for the VEMT CRM database. Program goals were translated into behavioral goals, turning them into actionable items with measurable results. A selection of influence moments was pinpointed at all customer journeys, to which automated actions are configured in the VEMT platform. To enable the required refinements that MS Mode wanted to implement, and to facilitate the migration towards a Demandware Webshop, VEMT developed a new version of its platform to fulfill these requirements.

For the found influence moments, the best behavioral approaches were selected, utilizing the over 300 Persuasion Strategies which have already been pre-defined in VEMT’s Loyalty Marketing cloud.

Becoming a member of MS Mode Member Club provides direct and indirect advantages to members: a welcome bonus voucher, earning valuable points with each transaction, a member day organized 4 times per year with amazing benefits and discounts for members only, exclusive member deals throughout the year and an extended return policy of 30 days for members only.
The MS Mode Customer Loyalty Program is integrated with both the Point of Sales systems in their international retail shops, the in-store kiosks and the SalesForce Demandware webshops for all countries MS Mode is active in.

Following up on the launch of 3.0, the MS Mode marketing & CRM department will continue to collect and enrich (behavioral) customer data to be able to convert this data into insights that fuel more revenue and better customer experiences.

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