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Hospitality Marketing Automation at VEMT

Our newest features: Marketing Automations for The Hospitality sector

On time for the holidays, VEMT launched a series of hospitality marketing automations. They are meant to save time and increase marketing impact for companies in the hospitality and travel sector. Just what they need right now.

Using VEMT Automation Flows, hospitality marketers simplify their lives and automate interactions with customers by delivering them highly personalized, automated and perfectly timed messages.

VEMT Hospitality Automations can be used stand-alone or as add-on to the ‘VEMT Loyalty and Experience Cloud’ to use with loyalty, coupons, referrals, etc.

Specific Hospitality Automations come next to the other automations VEMT already offers. The list of hospitality automatons contains examples like:

  • Send Dining Memories; What’s nicer than a beautiful memory? Automate reminding guests about their dinner or event of 1 or 2 years ago. These reminders are smart: they are optionally only valid for inactive guests. For loyalty members, you can even store their company and the menu of the day, so you are able to include relevant pictures.
  • Thank first-timers; Extend their first-time experience of visiting your location and send a ‘thank you’ mail with a relevant offer to persuade them coming back soon.
  • Reservation Reminder; Increase show-ups and remind your guests that made an upfront reservation friendly about the reservation for tomorrow or even earlier. Automatically, and with a link to update the reservation if needed.
  • Birthday offers; Create offers to mail people who have a birthday coming up. Or remind their partners as to help them organize a surprise dinner! Send a link to a part plan to provide some useful content as well, including the option to invite other guests. When your restaurant is the center of the organization, you will attract more guests.
  • Review / Survey request; Automatically ask for reviews or survey participation and process the results automatically so you will have an insightful report generated for you.
  • Increase guest interactions; Stay top-of-mind. Automatically send emails based on (the lack of) interactions. Reservations, orders, visits, subscribes, inactivity, site visits, use of giftcards/ coupons… many more. Templates allow for a quick start.

Don’t wait any longer and increase your marketing impact, automate work and collect data for even better interactions. Connect with VEMT to start quickly.


Question 1:
How can hospitality brands integrate advanced technologies like AI and machine learning into their marketing automations to further personalize guest experiences and improve operational efficiency?

Hospitality brands can leverage AI and machine learning within their marketing automations to enhance personalization and operational efficiency by implementing predictive analytics for guest behavior, personalizing communication based on guest preferences and history, optimizing pricing and promotions in real-time, and automating guest service interactions through chatbots and virtual assistants. These technologies – all facilitated by the (data from the) VEMT platform – can analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and preferences, enabling brands to deliver highly targeted offers, content, and recommendations, as well as streamline operations by predicting demand and automating routine tasks.

Question 2:
What strategies can hospitality companies employ to ensure the privacy and security of guest data while implementing these advanced marketing automations?

To safeguard guest data while deploying advanced marketing automations, hospitality companies should adhere to robust data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, implement end-to-end encryption for data transmission and storage, regularly audit and update their security protocols, and ensure that all third-party providers comply with strict data security standards. Additionally, transparency with guests about data collection, usage, and protection practices, coupled with giving guests control over their data, can help build trust and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Question 3:
Considering the rapidly changing digital landscape and guest expectations, how can hospitality brands continuously innovate their marketing automations to stay competitive and relevant?

Hospitality brands can stay competitive and relevant by continuously monitoring and analyzing guest feedback and market trends to adapt their marketing automations accordingly, investing in emerging technologies that enhance guest experiences, such as AR/VR for virtual tours or IoT for personalized room settings, and fostering a culture of innovation within the organization that encourages experimentation and agile response to changes. Collaborating with technology partners like VEMT bring fresh perspectives and solutions to the table. Staying informed about competitors’ strategies and technological advancements ensures that brands can quickly adopt successful practices and technologies to meet and exceed guest expectations.

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