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VEMT - The Experience & Loyalty Cloud
The VEMT Experience & Loyalty Cloud

Overview 2015 and outlook 2016

2015 has been a great year for VEMT. We have been growing in turnover, team size and customer base. Now, we have members in our database spread over 10 countries and Terabytes of data about their buying behavior, preferences and (business) relationships. Data (and with that: data science) starts to be our core competence; no longer just in theory, but we can base our insights, assumptions and vision on a serious amount of real customer data and help our clients with that. In 2016, this will grow further of course, and we will generate more data based products in the coming months.

Next to that, we launched the next version of our PersuasionPlanner in 2015. Now our clients can define response rules to many types of customer events, ranging from the classic customer events like purchases or address changes, to more interactive events around social media, micro-moments and mobile app interaction. VEMT clients can manage true omni-channel loyalty ¬†and gamification programs, using mobile, in-store POS devices, kiosks, parking garage infrastructure, facial recognition, beacons and various sensors in the ‘internet of things’. Wether a customer connects through the mobile app or through a classic plastic loyalty card: the responses, data and rewards are consistent and in real-time available everywhere.

The mobile app was launched late 2015 and will be built out further in 2016. We have received significant interest from existing clients, and it opens doors to new clients as well. Next to that, we can collect more data types through the app, which adds again to better insights in customer behavior and more options to respond to that in real-time.

We expect that the mobile app will bring exactly that in 2016: more types of real-time interaction, because that is what customer expect today. Even if the infrastructure of our clients is not ready for that yet, VEMT adds many ways to enable our clients to respond interactively, with relevant data and actions. The connection between mobile and in-store beacons is obvious. The only thing holding us back is the speed our clients can manage in their organisations.

In 2016, we will further expand to other European countries. We are expanding our UK team early in the year and will further expand our agency offering, allowing digital agencies to make use of the VEMT Marketing Cloud using their own branding and (consultancy) services around it. This way, even more people in more countries can make use of the great services that we are creating for you.

The VEMT team wishes you all a very inspiring, and most of all, a very persuasive 2016!

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