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Partner Programs

VEMT offers partnership opportunities for agencies, organizations, vendors, and individuals, aiming to support persuasion marketing, loyalty and CRM programs of (potentially) 50.000 members and up, to running (international) programs with (tens of) millions of members. We offer extensive support when you want to offer the VEMT Marketing Cloud to your customers and strengthen your business model in doing so. Get in touch with us to find out the options that match your situation best.

Referral Partnership

When you have clients or contacts who seek a great marketing cloud or need the best created Customer Experience possible, you can refer them to VEMT. We offer referral partners the ability to deliver results to clients without dealing with the sales and post-sales process. Simply make the qualified introduction and we will get in touch with the lead to ensure they get delivered what you promised them. Of course, we will reward you in terms of results.

Perfect for:

Agencies, Webshop Builders, Existing Customers, Retail or Travel Consultants, Technology Consultants and Software Companies.

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Reselling Partnership

Are you an agency or consultancy firm that wants to offer your own loyalty solution to your clients? Then you can become a VEMT reseller.

VEMT resellers incorporate the VEMT Marketing Cloud into their Service Proposition, Solution or Mobile app. You can set your own pricing, deliver the solution with your own logo and keep end customer ownership at all times. If you choose to, you might mention VEMT, but you can also keep us in the background if that would fit your model better.

We are ready to handle your scale, whether it is for 30.000 members at 1 client, of for 20.000.000 members spread over 100 of your clients. Multi-country, multi-language, multi-currency? We’ve got it covered for you.

This solution can be realized in several ways, using the stand alone product, using our API or ask us to create a bespoke solution. As a reseller, you will receive training and will be equipped to deliver our solution directly to your clients. White-labelled, if you want to, or VEMT branded to keep things separated. We are a flexible partner to your business.

Perfect for:

Digital Agencies, Webshop Builders, Retail or Travel Consultants, Technology Consultants and Software Companies.

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Integration Partner

The VEMT Marketing Cloud is designed to be an open platform, completely accessible through clearly documented API’s and based on a clear vision: to influence end-customers throughout the customer journey. Our Integration Partners help clients realize this.

If you are looking to offer opportunities to support your clients to realize a VEMT Marketing Cloud implementation, have sufficient skilled professionals to do this and want to receive VEMT support for training and education, please contact us now.

Become an integration partner


Perfect for:

System integrators, Digital Agencies, Webshop Builders, Mobile app builders, Technology Consultants and Software Companies.

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