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Reasons to choose for VEMT’s Customer Experience & Loyalty Marketing Cloud

Find out what your reasons are to choose for the VEMT Customer Experience & Loyalty Marketing Cloud

For every organization and every sector, there are matching VEMT CX-Flows.

The best business case

Impressive turnover growth results at a low cost-of-ownership level.

Replacement of several point-solutions.

These deliver the best available business case in the market. It’s that simple.

Ease of use

Avoid the learning curve of Marketo, SalesForce, Hubspot or alike and start creating marketing results right away.

Despite the great quality of our manuals and videos, they are rarely used. And that’s how it should be. Just start creating.


Our modules cover the complete customer journey and replace point solutions. CRM, Customer Data Platform, Campaigns. You name it.

If you want to keep them anyway: no problem. Our full featured API’s integrate with all in-house systems you want to keep.

Expertise of the VEMT team

The VEMT team is a very active, very knowledgeable partner, not just a supplier. We don’t just deliver, we create and maintain the solution together. Ask our clients about this.

Speed of implementation

Using our robust default modules, our sector specific configurations and the extensive eco-system of the VEMT Smarter Marketing Cloud, you can be up and running fast. Through fast prototyping, we can arrange custom requirements and special integrations in a breeze.

The uniqueness of the Persuasion Planner

Not limited to e-mail automation, not limited to drip nurturing, not waiting for campaign planning: The PersuasionPlanner delivers the most powerful real-time Persuasion Marketing Management tool you have seen. Including personalized offers, anti-churn strategies and on boarding automation.


Assess, Choose, Go!

STEP 1: Listen

We listen to your expectations, ideas, ambitions, team, customers. Your brand DNA and culture are important to the success we deliver. We provide feedback, ask questions and make sure we’re on the same page.

STEP 2: Propose

Based on your input, we propose the best solution, including timelines, budget and required resources. In various scenarios, if you want to.

STEP 3: Integrate

We integrate our CXM with your infrastructure: POS, ERP, webshop, in-house systems, beacons, camera’s, etc. And we configure (or build) customizations.

STEP 4: Test and Go live!

Together we test and give our thumbs up: the program goes live!

Make an appointment to profit from the opportunities the VEMT Customer Experience & Loyalty Marketing Cloud offers.

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