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Track Order Flow

Still directing customers to courier websites for order tracking?

When it comes to order tracking, consumers tend to check the order status 4.7 times per order. Most webshops leave that service to couriers like DHL, Fedex, Royal Mail, PostNL, DPD, Deutsche Post, or Parcelhub and just pass on the track & trace code to their customers. It takes a few moments to realize that, at an average number of customer touches of about 5 times/year, webshops are giving up about 50% of their potential moments to sell and service their own customers!

Track Order Flow
Track Order Flow on mobile phone VEMT

When we realized that, VEMT immediately built a new CX-Flow: the ‘Track Order Flow‘ which allows brands and retailers to offer all these precious contact moments in a personalized, branded digital environment which offers:

  • accurate information on order tracking in a personalized, branded environment
  • cross-sell moments through showing related products, services and recommendations
  • targeted support information to minimize customer service load
  • encouragements to share the purchase, the unboxing or the first use/wear moment
  • options to reward consumers for participating in any of the above activities with loyalty points, coupons or exclusive access to benefits

This enables D2C Brands and online retailers to grow revenue, increase customer loyalty and collect more valuable customer data.

We have created a product page to read more about this new VEMT feature and to ask for a demo, so you can start right away with growing your revenue stream from ordering customers.


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