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Top Names Interview with Jeroen Nas (CEO VEMT)

Last night, broadcasted live from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the interview with Jeroen Nas was a talk around Persuasion Marketing, Loyalty Marketing, technology, retail and some backgrounds on how VEMT arrived to where we are today. The Dutch journalists Erwin Blom (@erwblo) and Roeland Stekelenburg (@stekel) talked with Jeroen for about 30 minutes, touching these topics in a relaxed atmosphere in the Fast Moving Target studio, joined by the FMT team managing the social streams and the broadcasting technology during the interview.

The audience used social media to ask questions and leave comments. Questions from Bert de Boer, Marco Derksen, Johan Schaap and Mark de Kock were discussed straight away. Starting from an explanation about what differentiates VEMT, the interview wandered on towards more content based questions around how Persuasion Marketing actually works and how scaleable it is. VEMT brings together data from the consumer profile, his/her behavior and the messages or actions that the retailer, travel company or other VEMT client wants to propose to the loyalty member. VEMT’s platform automates this, so it can be executed on a large scale. With currently 13 million profiles actively served by VEMT, the amount of data processed and used in insights start to deliver a difference from more straightforward loyalty implementations based on software that can best be described as ‘feature farms’, but in which several elements are missing: the contract and connection with the human on the other side, the domain knowledge about the sector of the VEMT client and the focused guidance that VEMT provides when setting up the program to make sure it delivers its goals, rather than just processing transactions and handing out points.

This approach also validates all questions that the audience had around privacy. Because there is a contract with the client, and only because the contract only exists because of its added value, all data driven decisions can only be made with the client interest in mind. A simple opt-out would end the relationship if this would be done wrongly.

If you have any questions related to this interview or other VEMT topics, please let us know and we’ll help you out right away.


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