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VEMT - The Experience & Loyalty Cloud
The VEMT Experience & Loyalty Cloud

VEMT Audience Builder

More data to segment on. More actions to execute.
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You want an Audience Builder. Why?

You exactly want to target that valuable group. Success depends on how you use data to find customers that deliver value and respond better. If you have more data and can quickly use that to target better, your revenue grows.

Audience Builder Overview

The problem: your data is in silo’s. Or only focused on subscribers. Or it isn’t real-time. Or worse: you can’t quickly assign an action to an audience. Or only mail them. Here is where VEMT’s Audience Builder comes in. Quick & Easy, actionable, real-time, integrated.

What is an Audience Builder?

Filters in Audience Builder

The VEMT Audience Builder pulls in huge amounts of data. You can quickly filter that into a specific group of customers.  You can use hundreds of variables to filter with and configure them into unique audiences specifically for the goal you want to achieve. And immediately apply actions: assign rewards or coupons, send recommendations, save for further analysis, send (email and ad) campaigns or text them.

What is unique to the VEMT Audience Builder?

VEMT’s Experience & Loyalty Cloud is an integrated platform. It is created in‑house (not acquired in bits and pieces). Because no integrations are required, this saves you time and head aches. This results in the strongest Audience Builder around with real-time available data.

Experience & Loyalty Cloud

We provide a more than 360 view on customers because we include their relationships with friends, family, co-workers and peers.

Action oriented. Many Audience Builder rely on you to take the Audience elsewhere to apply actions. Avoid that hassle and apply actions immediately. Actions are not limited to sending out ‘just another campaign’. You can provide coupons, rewards, games, challenges, notifications, alerts, personalized messages, SMS, chats, privileges, profile updates, etc, etc.

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