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VEMT - The Experience & Loyalty Cloud
The VEMT Experience & Loyalty Cloud

VEMT Customer Data Platform

Know what they do. Act on it. Automate.
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You need a CDP. Why?

You want to deliver Personalized Experiences. How you use data to make customers to come back defines success. In doing so, you might get lost among many tools and data sources across your marketing stack.

The problem: your tools don’t talk to each other. They have individual data models making it hard to create relevant and consistent communication across channels and to act on individual customer behavior in real time.

What is a Customer Data Platform?

The VEMT Customer Data Platform (CDP) creates a unified source of behavioral customer data. It collects and unifies data from all your sources, independent from the data structure or identifier (email, cookie, etc). VEMT’s CDP centralizes, processes and enriches data so you gather insights and use it for (website and app) personalization, segmentation, rewards, coupons, recommendations, analytics, (email and ad) campaigns, and other data-related business needs.

What makes the VEMT CDP unique?

Event driven. Platform wide. Classic databases won’t perform at CDP required speed. VEMT is the only CX Management software with an event driven database covering 100% of its Experience & Loyalty Cloud. This prevents you from dealing with slow data transformations and complex/expensive integrations. The moment customer behavior is captured, you can act on it. Real-time. In any channel. This is not possible using standalone CDP’s or 3rd party marketing solutions.

VEMT’s Experience & Loyalty Cloud is a single integrated platform built from the ground up. It is created in‑house (not acquired in bits and pieces) and no additional integrations are required, saving you time and head aches.

Action oriented. Many CDP’s collect and unify data…and then they stop. Our CDP acts on any customer behavior you want to respond to. In real-time. That’s not limited to sending out ‘just another campaign’. You can provide coupons, rewards, games, challenges, notifications, alerts, personalized messages, SMS, chats, privileges, profile updates, etc, etc.

More than 360 customer view. This sounds incredible. Where other CDP’s stop at the customer itself, VEMT integrates relationships with friends, family, co-workers and peers. This results in a dynamic, ‘more than 360 degree’-view on your customer profiles.

How large do you want it?

VEMT’s CDP has been built for scalability and performance. Our optimized scripts, asynchronous options to solve things locally, event driven architecture, CQRS databases and high performance enterprise-grade architecture provide fast and robust service levels for all types of ambitious clients. All over the world.

Use cases for the VEMT CDPFind yoursAnd ask us to make a start today!

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