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VEMT introduces the most actionable Audience Builder

With the VEMT Audience Builder, companies can create advanced segments to target, personalize and persuade customers. It uniquely offers selections based on relationships and allows marketers to directly execute more actions than any other Audience Builder in the market today.

The Audience Builder is the newest addition to the most feature-rich Customer Experience Management platform: the VEMT CX & Loyalty Cloud.

VEMT, the Dutch company that offers the only truly integrated Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform, today has added a new module to its platform that helps its clients influence their customers towards commercial goals: the VEMT Audience Builder.

Unique: widest offering of filter types and integrated actions

The VEMT Audience Builder uniquely offers more filter types and more integrated actions than any Audience Builder in the market today, several of these filters being uniquely tied to the capabilities of the VEMT CX & Loyalty Cloud, like relationships between customers. Available filters include demographics, behavior, KPI’s and relationships, whereas Audience Builder Actions allow marketers to target audiences for specific campaigns, coupons, rewards, (transactional) messages and personalization rules. This wide set of integrated options is aimed to support marketers to directly generate additional revenue, increase the impact of Customer Experiences and save time in transferring data from tool to tool, as is still common in many of today’s marketing departments.

Fully integrated: CX & Loyalty Cloud and the VEMT CDP

The VEMT Audience Builder uses data from various sources, which can be extended through the VEMT CX & Loyalty Cloud API’s. Data from non-subscribers and non-members can be achieved from the soon-to-launch VEMT Customer Data Platform (CDP), which processes detailed events in all channels and devices the VEMT client or its partners manage. Due to its integration, VEMT clients do not need to unify data and plan implementation projects. Collecting and processing page views, cart additions or removals, downloads, button clicks, swipes, pauses, slide views or anything else that visitors in one of the channels do is captured and ready to be used in Audience Builder filters.


The VEMT Audience Builder will be rolled out to existing clients as of today. New clients can request to include the Audience Builder in their program as from October 1st, 2019.

Additional Information

Additional information on the VEMT Audience Builder can be found at

About VEMT

VEMT delivers the VEMT CX & Loyalty Cloud to its clients in 10 countries. The platform delivers frictionless customer experiences all along the customer journey, a short no-code learning curve for marketers and a wide set of integrated tools to be able to launch quickly and adapt rapidly, driven by growing engagement and the fast changing behavior of their customers. VEMT serves brands, retailers, malls and travel companies in any country of the world offering continuous innovation and disruptive pricing. For more information on VEMT, please visit

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