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VEMT Retail Marketing Automation

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Retail Marketing Automation saves time and increases impact

Delivering Personalized Experiences to your buyers doesn’t have to cost you too much time. You can use data and marketing automation to make them come back more often and tell their friends about their great experience.

VEMT has prepared over 70 of the most effective retail automations for you, so you can switch them on and configure them to your preferences.

Start within a week.

Use cases for Retail Marketing AutomationFind yoursAnd ask us to make a start today!

Use case 1

Increase interactions

Stay top-of-mind. Automatically send emails based on (the lack of) interactions. Purchases, site and store visits, subscribes, inactivity, use of giftcards/ coupons… many more. Templates allow for a quick start.

Use case 2

Help them re-stock

What’s nicer than a beautiful memory or help with convenient restocking? Automate reminding customers about their purchase of some time ago. Smart: optionally only for inactive customers and with personalized offers.

Use case 3

Review / Survey requests

Automatically ask your buyers for reviews or survey participation so you add continuously deep motivational insights to your behavioral reports.  Loyalty brings you the powerful data trio of demographics, motivation and behavior.

Use case 4

Thank first-time buyers

Extend the first-time experience and send a ‘thank you‘ mail with offer to persuade them coming back soon. Coupons, extra loyalty rewards or a personalized gift card. VEMT has the template ready to switch on.

Use case 5

Wishlist / Abandoned cart Reminder

Increase conversion and remind your visitors friendly about the left cart or the lonely items on the wishlist. Automatically. One of the best scoring automations of VEMT.

Use case 6

Birthday offers

Create offers to connect with people with a birthday coming up. Or – in case of a loyalty program in which you keep tab of relationships, unique to VEMT – to their partners to help them organize a surprise purchase!

Don’t wait any longer and increase your marketing impact, automate work and collect data for even better interactions. Connect with VEMT to start quickly.

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