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VEMT - The Experience & Loyalty Cloud
The VEMT Experience & Loyalty Cloud

Our tools to build loyal and engaged customer communities with

Collect & Process Data, Reveal Opportunities, Automate your Actions
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Formats & Automations: Grow Revenue

70+ ready-to-go Formats & Automations increase revenue in every step.

Audience Builder: Segment and Target Customers

Create advanced segments to target, personalize and persuade customers.

CDP: Collect and unify Customer Data

Deliver Personalized Experiences and act on every event in the customer journey.

VEMT Campaigns: Integrated Campaign Management Cloud

Campaign Management with drag-and-drop responsive email design, powerful marketing automation, landing pages, forms, reputation management, automated list hygiene and extensive reporting.

Collect & Act: Surveying, Data Collection & Media Monitoring

Explore customer data, Automated actions on Customer Data, Sentiment Analysis and automated customer feedback in online and offline panels, surveys, voting, rating, reviews and more.

Member-get-Member Referrals

Increase your customer base through trusted referrals: quick, grow low-cost and with look-a-like customers.  VEMT includes invites, incentives, rewards and giftcards to promote member-get-member growth.

Receipt Scanning and Purchase Claims

Brands and products sold through 3rd party channels like multi-brand stores or webshops can generate purchase information through VEMT’s receipt scanning and ‘claim your purchase’ process.

Extended Community Management

Build and manage communities for Brand Fans, Experts, Education, Rewards, Loyalty Programs, VIP Clubs, Member Programs, Caring and more. Including ‘My Account Pages’-portal.

Assignments & Gamification

Put your customers (playful) to work by sending them assignments and promise a reward for completion. Applicable to your consumer panel, your community or your fan base, and highly impactful in loyalty programs and referral programs.

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