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Customer Experience & Loyalty Marketing

We deliver the Building Blocks to scale Autonomous Customer Experiences

Persuade your customers to spend more, and more often.

Provide compelling Customer Experiences that increase conversion and engagement.

Get the right offer to the right customer. Automated.

Encourage recommendations.

…and 600 more strategies. Implemented.

Most applied Persuasive Strategies by our Clients

Loyalty Rewards
Customer Experience Journey Design
Vouchers / Coupons
Anti-Churn Tactics
On Boarding Automation
Social Media Rewards

Fastest growing Persuasive Strategies this year

Personalized assignments
Location Triggers
How to try? How to buy?

Let us demonstrate
Based on your customer journey(s), we can demonstrate how you could implement strategies fast and effective. Just connect with us for a demo.

Let us propose 2

Let us propose
Let us help you make a few decisions: on channels, integrations and ambitions. We’ll create a flexible proposal based on those decisions, craft it according to your feedback, so the only action left is to say ‘Yes’ to the proposal and let us do the work.


Let us help you start
Your program will deliver value in many ways: increase spend per visit, increase visitor frequency, lengthen the customer relationship, increase advocacy and engagement. You choose, you create, you harvest. We’ll get your staff started with a quick and smooth on-boarding. If you want to, we’ll get your customers on-board too.

The secret to our success?

Simplicity. Our intuitive platform with its Persuasion Planner allows you to create marketing programs designed around rewards, influencing customer behavior. It’s easy to get started. You’ll see results immediately.

Improve your bottom line

Loyal customers buy more. And they cost less. Their endorsements refer others to your company, impacting your business by boosting profits. Our platform turns your Marketing Department into a measurable profit centre.

Real-time Responses

Automate personalised, predictive decisions driven by real-time insights gained by the data in the VX42™ platform tracking customer behavior. Automatically respond through Persuaders™ and optimise value continuously.

Instant Measurable Results

From launch, your program produces measurable results. Find out what influences or motivates your customers in minutes. Watch loyal customers come back more frequently and spend m,ore per visit. See how their endorsements refer others to your company, boosting profits.

Intuitive to use

Our platform and its Persuasion Planner have been built for ease of use, while at the same time be extremely powerful. You’ll be able to set-up automated routines with Persuaders™ in minutes and scale up and down. Simply pick and choose the functionality you need from our intuitive interface.


Not just any Marketing Cloud

Not all Marketing Clouds are created equal. VEMT’s platform is powered by technology, but it’s driven by psychology, in the form of Persuaders™: customizable to automatically trigger rewards, benefits and privileges to customers when activated by events, including purchases, referrals and social media participation.
Find out why we are trusted by companies worldwide to deliver marketing power to over 16 million customers.

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