Persuaded by VEMT's Smart Marketing Cloud?

Powered by Technology. Driven by Psychology.

What if you could persuade your customers to not only spend more, but also spend more often? Or to keep on coming back longer and involve their friends? And what if in doing so you were gaining valuable behavioural insights that enabled you to act in real-time to the right customers ? Technology may power our Cloud, but Psychology drives our Persuasive Power. Persuasion in the form of smartly activated Rewards, Status levels, Responses or Privileges triggered by either purchases (in categories or specific products), social media likes, referrals, watching online product videos, survey participations or alike. Not all Marketing Clouds are created equal. Find out why we’re trusted by companies worldwide to deliver Smart Marketing Power to over 6 million customers.

What is the secret of our amazing results?

What is the secret of our amazing results? It’s actually many little secrets that have a big impact all together. These secrets are accessed through our intuitive web-app interface allowing you to create all-in-one, customised Smart Marketing Programmes. These are designed around Persuasive Actions that suit your business model and your customer’s needs. See results immediately.

Real-time Responses

Let the Smart Marketing Cloud react to behavioural data in real-time. Personalised. Make (predictive) decisions driven by the power of data insights, or overrule them with your unique preferences. You can automatically respond with persuasive actions to your (potentially) best customers, optimise the profit that can be made from them and increase the period they remain with you.

Instant Measurable Results

From the moment your program is deployed it starts producing measurable results. Find out what influences or motivates your customers in minutes. Loyal customers come back and buy more often. Their powerful endorsements refer others to your company, directly impacting your business by boosting bottom line profits.

Intuitive to Use

Our system has been built for ease of use by Marketers. Simply pick and choose the functionality you need from our intuitive web-app interface.

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Don't miss out on these benefits for your organisation. Start small and scale fast with immediate results.

The results are clear and tangible in hard metrics: Extra turnover, a higher visiting frequency, more spend per visit, longer active relationships, more engagement and a higher advocacy rate.

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    About VEMT

    Founded in Amsterdam in 2004, with a presence in London, we can’t escape the fact we are a technology provider. But really, we are a solution provider that connects with you on a personal level and that knows your sector very well. We offer innovative ways for companies to translate their marketing business goals into practical, persuasive and effective solutions. With our Smart Marketing Cloud we are proud to continually support our clients’ commercial objectives.

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How easy can you start with us?

It’s simple really. You can start smart. Scale as you grow. Use the data. Connect seamlessly to your websites and mobile apps. Create smart Persuasion Recipes with our Recipe Manager to respond to customer behaviour in real-time. Use our technology to treat your customers and technology will treat your business.

Start Smart

With the capability to be as simple or complex as you require, getting started is easy. Start engaging with your customers instantly.

Easy to scale. All in one.

Pick and choose functionality to suit your needs. Scale up and down with ease by simply adding new elements, all in one platform. No migrations or implementations. Create custom program elements unique to your business.

Create Smart Recipes

Create smart Recipes that execute pre-programmed actions to any way customer can behave, serving them relevant and persuasive responses at the moment they are ready to convert.

Increase Turnover

There are so many ways your program can deliver value to you: increase the spend per visit, increase the visitor frequency, lengthen the relationship, increase the advocacy, increase the engagement. You choose, you create, you harvest.