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Effective Retention

We empower marketers to find, keep and influence customers. We help you motivate changes in their behavior. You’ll find customers and motivate them into spending more, returning more often and spreading the word about your brand or store. We build your loyalty program, process your transactions, send out offers and […]


Move beyond online-only programs and engage with your customers across all channels: online, offline and mobile. We combine marketing technology with deep expertise in offline marketing, connect it to your POS, CRM and PIM platforms and get a complete and actionable view of customer behavior. Select your targets!

Fast To Market

Our SAAS-platform delivers and integrates fast, so you can focus on goals, not IT. You’ll have a world-class program impacting customer loyalty in a matter of weeks. Take action, automate it and score. Use the results, understand your customers better and score again. Focus on that. We do the rest.