Step1: Use our Persuasion Apps

Use our easy to manage Persuasion Apps that connect your store(s), webshop or mobile app to a platform full of actions to persuade your customers to come more often and spend more per visit. Quick deployment to get the first results fast. Persuasion Apps can be switched on or off. Just to your needs.

Step 2: Build your Program

Combining Persuasion apps allows you to build simple and complex programs. Into any type of Persuasion Marketing program. Loyalty programs, Word-of-Mouth, Member-get-member, Discount Sales, Campaigns, Rewards, Gamification, Employee Benefits, Engagement, Retention, Giftcards and Vouchers. It's all there.

Step 3: More Turnover using Data

See your turnover grow. From loyalty members, engaged clients and higher conversions. Use the (behavioral) data from the program to increase this growth. Online, offline and mobile. With our data-processing, business rules, knowledge about behavioral buyer psychology and predictive abilities, we optimize your program towards effective retention, high conversion and a long term active relationship with your buyers.

Step 0: Contact us now

Don't miss out on these benefits for your organisation. Start small and scale fast with immediate results.

The results are clear and tangible in hard metrics: Extra turnover, a higher visiting frequency, more spend per visit, longer active relationships, more engagement and a higher advocacy rate.

  • 2004

    About VEMT

    VEMT is an Amsterdam based company founded in 2004 and fully dedicated to providing innovative and robust Persuasion Marketing Technology. We are present in London since 2007.

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