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CX-Flows that seamlessly integrate into any Customer Journey

Marketing Technology to make your life easier: choose which CX-Flows (Customer Experience flows) you need.

It’s VEMT’s mission to help clients persuade their customers to increase turnover. We do that by providing ‘ready-to-go’ CX-Flows that offer a great customer experience, and contain, wherever possible, subtle nudges (strategies) at all touch points along the customer journey. This allows our clients to achieve their commercial goals. Combinations of CX-Flows can form a Program: our clients use them to build Loyalty Programs, Gamification programs, Challenges, Assignments, Influencer programs, communities, portals, VIP programs, Employee Benefit Programs, Reward Programs, etc.

Because you can mix and match CX-Flows in any combination, and can configure them in detail, the result will always be a truly unique Program. Every VEMT client uses a different set of CX-Flows, selected in consultation with VEMT, to get the best results considering the specific sector, target group and commercial objectives. All CX-Flows are aimed at engaging and influencing customers by combining rewards and incentives for actions such as purchases, providing coupoons, as well as social media brand interactions.

CX-Flow examples

Easy To Use Actionable CRM System

The basis of our Loyalty Marketing Cloud Platform is an actionable CRM System. You can use it stand-alone or integrate it with your existing CRM implementation. You will get access through the CRM Panel, where you can view and edit customer information across all modules. Includes access for marketers, store staff, Customer Service and program management on many types of fields:

  • Member Management (CRM)
  • (Behavioral) Profile management
  • Timeline with all behavioral events of each individual customer
  • Accounts management
  • Member search, edit & selection
  • Transaction search and corrections (Goodwill bookings)
  • Merchant management (including extensions with multi-leveled sub merchants)

Advanced Marketing: Persuasion Planner

The Persuasion Planner is our uniquely designed and powerful marketing tool to manage persuasion strategies with. We offer you more than 300 preset strategies, ready to use. Persuaders are rules for customer interaction which can be created as complex (or simple) as needed. They allow creation of complex and sophisticated persuasive tactics, enabling the dynamic creation of a unique set of marketing tactics, strategies or features matching the requirements of each brand/organization.

Each Persuader contributes to one or more of these marketing goals:

– Increase spend per visit       – Increase advocacy
– Increase visit frequency       – Increase engagement
– Increase duration                  – Increase product depth sales

Integrate in your webshop: Loyalty and Coupon Wallet

Whatever webshop or Ecommerce environment you have, it’s easy to use VEMT’s coupon and Loyalty wallet, allowing customers to use earned points and coupons in your ecommerce environment. We have active implementations on Demandware, Magento, Hybris, Drupal, Woo Commerce, E-shop, MyShop and many more. The module offers availability of points and coupons, but also personal details, transaction history, behavioral profiles, last events, birthdays, social interactions and everything else you can use to personalize your webshop for amazing conversion rates and SEO scores.

Low barrier contact with your members: ChatBot

Through Facebook Messenger, What’sApp, Slack, Skype, Kik or a web based UI (integrated in the MyAaccountPages and/or on your website), we enable easy, low barrier contact with your members through integrated AI-enabled ChatBot-functionality. Solve questions and inquiries of your members 24 hrs with VEMT’s Chatbot, totally branded to your style, with a newly designed personality and powered by VEMT’s knowledge base and trained on your customer data.

The VEMT Chatbot extends your platforms to all larger messenger platforms, allowing not only much more, but also completely different types of dialogues with your members. The personality design of the VEMT experts allows for very sticky and frequent contacts, increasing engagement, turnover and customer advocacy without bringing a burden to your Customer Service or Marketing Team.

Connect with VEMT now to start the design of your Chatbot.

Welcome your customers through the fully customizable MyAccountPages

The MyAccountPages (the customer side of the CRM/loyalty module) offer sections that provide (configurable) registration flows, account access (including view/edit member details, transaction overview, gamification elements) and Customer Service information. Members can find information about saved/redeemed points, earned /spent vouchers, benefits/discounts/special offers, team members and other integrated services. Information from the client (loyalty) Helpdesk can be integrated here as well.

Using the MyAccountPages saves time and enables you to be up and running without the need for integrations, site design, building, testing and update procedures. The pages are managed through the VEMT CMS which integrates traditional CMS features with CRM and Loyalty functionality, actively and seamlessly integrated into the user side web based interface.

Out-of-the-box dynamic pages contain:

  • member registration flows (many pre-set flows available including double opt-in transactional mails)
  • omnichannel transaction overviews
  • member-get-member flows including transactional mails
  • personalized MyOffer pages
  • gamification elements to stimulate visitors to act towards your commercial goals
  • context dependent FAQ banners / personalized content bannering
  • profile management including newsletter management
  • lost card management / password recovery / service desk contact
  • MyFamily (or team) management / invitations, overviews, editing
  • Community features for professionals, consumers, employees, stakeholders, fans, partners, including accounts, forums, enrollment, customer service, polls, questionaires, voting, infotainment, 10-second (educational) games, etc.

All layout is fully customizable and extendable. An unlimited number of static and personalized pages can be added without needing VEMT support, either using preset templates or fully customizable HTML/CSS.

Personalized offers with My Deals

From the Persuaders that marketers create in the PersuasionPlanner, specific offers or deals can be created for specific customers. These highly personalized offers are connected with other elements in the VEMT Loyalty Marketing Cloud, forming a mechanism to automatically and dynamically present personalized offers to customers. This (virtual) module is often used by our clients presenting offers in the MyAccountPages, their own website/webshop, mail campaigns and in SMS messages.

Robust Campaign Management

Campaign creation (e-mail, SMS, LandingPages) is a user friendly module with real-time, extensive reports, including behavioral details of recipients such as tracking of individually clicked links.

The Campaign module is highly configurable and has a multi-level user authorization. Retail chains can allow individual stores to manage their local mailing list through the VEMT Marketing Cloud and let them send out campaigns about local events and discounts (within carefully crafted mandated templates to enforce brand consistency).

All Persuasive strategies are integrated with the Campiagn Module.

Access and Identity Module

We allow to provide for various authorizations for different departments/users and to hide information that should not be accessed. Default roles are designed for marketers, Customer Service agents and supervisors, program management and store personnel. If our client should desire additional roles: they can be easily added.

The Identity module handles the validation of logins and registrations, for both customers and clients. To facilitate programs that are easy to use in all channels, we offer various default validation procedures based on:

  • email – password combination
  • card number – security code combination
  • account number – postal code combination
  • account number – telephone number combination
  • third party validation services / ActiveDirectory services

Scalable Data Management Platform

The basis for the VEMT Loyalty Marketing Cloud is the very scalable Data Management Platform. At this moment, more than 11 million accounts are serviced through this very robust and secure module. The amazingly flexible VEMT data model connects with many types of clients, not requiring any customization, but certainly capable of offering custom settings and data. This ranges from anything as:

  • Favorites, like brands, sports, styles, etc
  • Membership types and statuses, all to be used simultaneously
  • Newsletter preferences, date of registration
  • Metrics (like RFM scoring and other benchmarks) to measure customer potential and attractiveness
  • Social Media Activities
  • Persuasion Profiling scoring (sensitivity to various persuasive strategies)

The module enables the creation of (behavioral and demographic) segmentations. These segmentations can be used in the Persuasion Planner or the Campaign Module.

Data from external parties can be added to enrich the profile information that is saved in the CDP module.

Uniquely, VEMT offers connected accounts. They can be used to share accrued points within clubs, sport teams, families or departments within a company, listed as ‘My Team’ or ‘My Family’. Together they can accumulate larger amounts, and thus redeem for larger amounts, which can be valuable in several persuasive strategies.

Connected accounts can be used with gamification strategies within a program by increasing the competitive element between the groups. Depending on client objectives, it can be effective to increase the ‘community feeling’ between the members of the group, since they work towards a goal all together.

The CDP module contains the calculation tool of the platform. It executes all calculations within a program. Mostly, in loyalty and gamification programs, clients use a baseline proposition (e.g. 5 points per euro spend) which applies throughout the whole program. Rules like these are executed in real-time, even if millions of transactions are involved and input arrives from multiple sources at the same time.

Points/rewards can earned for various events, like for example:

  • Purchases
  • Birthday events
  • Sharing of content on social media
  • Posting on social media
  • Member get member actions
  • Participating in questionnaires
  • Writing of reviews

The CDP module contains sector specific configurations, which are important for VEMT’s effectiveness throughout market segments. The retail sector requires a different definition of what a transaction, order and return is, for example, than the travel sector, in which returns after consumption are not possible. These sector specific configurations enable VEMT to deploy the platform throughout various markets, being a specialist in each of them. To this date, we have prepared and deployed sector specific configurations for Online Retail, Offline Retail, Omni-channel Retail, Retail Fashion, Travel, B2B, Gifting and Shopping malls.

Synchronize everything with the Converter Module; all is API-based

The link between the outside world is the Converter Module. This module converts data from our client’s systems and the VEMT Eco-system to the internally used VEMT Universal Format (VUF). The Converter is a high-performance, robust environment in which data from all types of sources can be combined and processed. Even distributed Big Data sources can be connected and used throughout the platform.

The VEMT Loyalty Marketing Cloud is completely API-based. For the Converter, extensive API-documentation is online available for client and partner engineers to be able to connect to the VEMT Loyalty Marketing Cloud quickly.

Import Module; add members and subscribers from external sources


We include many ways for members and subscribers to add their data to the program. Sometimes however, you have lists and new groups of members from external sources that you want to add in bulk to your program quick and clean. The VEMT Import Module facilitates this, including automated welcome mails, password settings, individual status updates and custom fields.

Grow your program fast and efficiently through the Import Module!

Connect the VEMT eco-system to your program

The VEMT Loyalty Marketing Cloud flexibility enables easy integration with 3rd parties. Our unique integrations with partners in various countries enable us to send paper based, personalized cards, thank you presents, birthday presents or apology gestures; all completely automated, personalized and based on Persuaders and/or campaigns from within the platform.

Next to this, we offer:

  • POS-integration (already prepared for a wide range of POS systems)
  • ERP-integration (Navision, SAP, etc)
  • Webshop integration (Magento, Woo-commerce, Demandware, etc)
  • Mobile Phone integration, for loyalty apps, registration apps and check-in features. This includes partnerships with leading mobile phone app developing companies.
  • In-store device integration, for Kiosks, Beacons and other location management devices
  • Dashboard integration, to connect and show program results on external BI-tools and dashboards, including open source Kibana and IBM Cognos
  • Campaign Tools integration, to connect with already implemented campaign tools
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