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Juice Brothers bringing ‘juice’ to the Amsterdam Office

Today, the Dutch energy company that supplies our office decided to do some maintenance in the street where our office is located. Great work, other than that we had to be disconnected from the grid for several hours. As a technology company, that’s about the worst message you can receive, but it was a great opportunity to test our emergency plans.

Our alternative access to electricity was arranged quickly, thanks to the great help of neighbors ‘The Juice Brothers‘, our favorite Amsterdam business with regard to health and happiness. Usually, they provide their great juices in their shops in Amsterdam to a growing audience, but today they provided us with (still our favorite) ‘juice’ through a cable we have available for these type of emergencies. The plan worked out: we needed 10 mins to get all operations up and running again. Just one addition for next time: an emergency light at the toilet (it was truly dark in there). These insights come from the joy of real user testing….

January 28, 2016

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