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VEMT launches mobile omni-channel loyalty app that empowers consumers

VEMT, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has launched an omni-channel mobile loyalty app that interacts with all events during the customer journey and provides program members a complete interaction tool with timeline and customer support features. In the coming months, VEMT’s current customers start rolling out the versatile app, bringing the usage quickly to several millions of users.

The app brings a unique experience to consumers allowing them to actively participate in the loyalty, gamification and persuasion programs of VEMT’s retail and travel clients. Consumers can not only see their balance, status and timeline, but they can show friends purchases, experiences and events, while earning value in doing so. They can ask for assistance in shops, search for personal offers and enjoy the benefits of relevant geo-based coupons that the membership provides for.
In all ways, this unique consumer empowered marketing tool brings loyalty experience to the next level.

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Unique Customer Empowerment

No longer, loyalty apps will be merely an extension of merchant push messages. With VEMT’s new omni-channel loyalty app, consumers can push messages to their friends sharing purchases, events and experiences. They can even choose to automate this, making life easier and convenient, while their friends enjoy the closeness of how their life enfolds.

VEMT’s retail customers will focus on purchase sharing, wishlist sharing and experience reviews. VEMT’s travel clients will be able to use the app intensely in look-at-me programs, advocacy and social loyalty.

Full of Customer Support Tools

Cosnumers using the VEMT omni-channel loyalty app can not only see the obvious features as their balance, their profile and brand or product information, but they can review all past events in a real-time updated timeline view, displaying purchases, coupon events, lifecycle events, like their membership anniversary and friends’ birthdays, but they can also locate stores, connect with customer service ad search through smartly generated FAQ lists. Most interesting is the personal deals page that displays personalized deals for each specific individual user, tailored to their needs, location and status.

Increased relevancy through Geo-location features

What is more annoying to reading about a great offer after you have passed the opportunity to actually make use of it. No more with VEMT’s omni-channel loyalty app. It warns users to make use of opportunities of the program they participate in when they are relevant and close by.

Friends can even make use of the special benefits that VEMT clients can offer to stimulate group buying and friends helping each other to make better buying decisions. They will be alerted when somebody on their friend list is close and could use some advice in buying the red, or the black dress. With or without that amazing looking necklace.



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