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The VEMT Experience & Loyalty Cloud

The 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape has arrived (and VEMT is included)

It took longer than expected this year: the publication of the new Marketing Technology Landscape. When you look at the complete picture (find it here in PDF), you understand why that is so: the Marketing Technology Landscape has grown immensely and counts now 3874 marketing technology companies on one slide, which is a 87% growth compared to last year. The sector is clearly promising and attracts more money, entrepreneurship and bright minds.

VEMT is – not unexpected – included in the Advocacy, Loyalty & Referral section, clearly visible in the right top corner of this section. Offering a complete Marketing Cloud, we could fit into several other sections as well, but Loyalty is definitely our forte, and we feel comfortable in the top of this ‘box. For the third consecutive year, we are mentioned as one of the Marketing Technology Companies that is worth putting on the map, and that is something we’re proud of.


Scott Brinker, the producer of this amazingly crafty piece of work (and the author of an upcoming book about Marketing: Hacking Marketing), describes one of the most important developments in the landscape: “many companies have multiple platforms in their marketing technology stacks.” The times are over that one vendor could ‘dominate’ a client and ‘roll out’ their standard product over the company. That time definitely is over. In 2016, clients search for the best of class solutions, that at the same time have a vision on how to integrate and grow, because next year, customers have changed attitudes and requirements, and the Marchitecture should be ready to change with them. Agile Marketing, this is called more and more, analogue to the way the software world works and deals with fast changing requirements.

We tried to ‘map on this map’ which companies actually offer this agile approach to see what separates the winners from the rest, but this proves to be a near impossible task due to the vast amount of vendors, sites and documentation they offer. One thing we are sure of, is that we fit that definition and that we are looking towards a bright future.

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