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Dev-talk: Sources for Event Sourcing and CQRS

Our developer team works with a design pattern called Event Sourcing. It’s cool stuff. As we have experienced, it’s not that hard to understand…. at least not once you know, and that’s only in hindsight.

To make a start in Event Sourcing (and CQRS), we have learned that some developers first struggle to un-learn things they are used to, and only later they can’t imagine anymore that the world of CRUD was their universe for a long time. But always, they see the light and embrace it. Just because it really has serious advantages to work with Event Sourcing.

The learning curve of our team, that consists out of in-house developers, freelancers and outsourced teams has been significant. It was not an easy transition. Not everybody picked up naturally and some struggled to get their heads around the concept a first.

To support other developers to make the switch, we have assembled of what we think is a good selection of content that can help if you would want to make a start with using event sourcing in your coding.

We’ll be updating this list as we move along and we’re very interested in your tips and ideas as well. If you are a developer wanting to do this stuff, please let us know as well. Were always interested to talk to good people.


Videos on Event Sourcing and CQRS

Greg Young – CQRS and Event Sourcing

Sebastian Daschner on Event Sourcing and CQRS

Martin Fowler on Event Sourcing at GoTo and in Australia


Reading Material on Event Sourcing, DDD and CQRS

A great blog on the topic by Daniel Whittaker

It’s older, but it’s good to know your sources with themes like this: Martin Fowler was on it early  and with this one on CQRS

Very nice presentation on ‘Event Sourcing in Practice’ by Benjamin Reitzammer and Johannes Seitz (scroll to the right)

A tutorial on CQRS

Herberto Graca – former VEMT developer –  writes on CQRS

Event Sourcing vs Command Sourcing article by Jérémie Chassaing

Blog by Mathias Verraes with interesting posts on design patterns


Related to the topic

Article on Apache Samza

Microsoft on Event Sourcing


Books you might want to check out

Patterns, Principles and Practices of Domain Driven Design – Scott Millett, Nick Tune

Implementing Domain driven Design by Vaughn Vernon


More reading and video material

An extensive list on GitHub with more resources

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