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Leonieke Daalder writes nice article about interview

Leonieke Daalder (@daalder) – a Dutch Journalist and political scientist – has written a very nice report about the recent Top Names interview with Jeroen Nas. She emphasizes the fact that VEMT actively trains and encourages involvement from all employees, including developers, with deep domain knowledge about Psychology, Marketing and customer behavior. Outsourcing development – as many companies do – is explicitly not part of the strategy, because that would mean VEMT would loose that special edge.

Next to that, she summarizes the interview by mentioning that VEMT tries to develop a special relationship with customers (rather than buyers) for its clients. Making the difference in these things is what differentiates VEMT from large, instrumental companies (often called feature farms by Jeroen Nas) that can never deliver the same solutions as committed teams of domain experts with passion for the end result for their clients. That is illustrated by the pact that VEMT always makes with customers: asking if they want to join make a huge difference compared to ‘playing tricks on them’ from a distance. VEMT enables their clients to put customers in a driving seat, instead of bombarding them with semi-personalized single direction broadcasted information.

You can read Leonieke’s article here: (Dutch).

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