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The VEMT Experience & Loyalty Cloud
MS Mode Member Club

VEMT Launches one of the Largest Fashion Loyalty Programs in Europe

Wow. Millions of members of the MS Mode Member Club, spread over 6 European Countries, buying at over 425 stores and in a great webshop for every country: they have a new member club as from this morning 6 AM. Will these members notice that, you wonder?

Yes, they will. It starts with a great kick-off event coming Saturday where they will be introduced to all benefits. And after that, it will continue, day by day. VEMT delivered international fashion retailer MS Mode a complete new Loyalty Marketing Cloud, full of brand new features that they will use to spoil their members with on a daily basis. In this program, the VEMT Loyalty Marketing Cloud is integrated with all 6 international Magento webshops delivered by SMILE, the Unisoft K3 POS system, the Sales Marketing Cloud (for emails) delivered by Emark, the MS Mode corporate bus delivered by TM7 and TRS, plus we’re using 1 single sign-on system for all members in all channels to ensure no member will notice that all these parties working together in the background, with different systems, share and use customer data together. This project not only delivered a very extensive loyalty and persuasion program (at the start it has already over 35 flexible rules, to be expanded significantly in the coming months), but it renewed the complete Marchitecture of MS Mode, making sure the organisation is able to flexible deliver hundreds of campaigns in parallel with an impressive set of – how VEMT calls them – Persuaders: loyalty logic rules.

The VEMT CRM panel supports the MS Mode customer service, the VEMT web-POS is available in all stores to service and target clients right there where the money is made and the MS Mode CRM Marketers, email marketers and data analysts will be working with 4 out of the 6 VEMT Modules to serve these millions of members the best customer experience possible. Would you like some examples?

Just to give you an idea: the VEMT tactic of turning new buyers into regular buyers is translated into a few simple rules. One of them is: at the second purchase, the member automatically receives an email that she will receive double points at the third purchase. From our VEMT loyalty data, we clearly see that the crucial amount of purchases for a customer to feel ‘I’m a customer, rather than ‘I made a purchase’ is around the third time. Rewarding members to go for that third time makes a big difference in how fast they reach that status. We enable many other little nudges that make the MS Mode members feel like appreciated customers with many incentives to come back more often and increase their spend/visit.

Let us know if you want to know more.


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